CODAC offers internship and externship opportunities to individuals who qualify.

An extern is usually a part-time position during the year or full-time for a designated period. Externs are often students at an earlier stage of their training program, and the externship activities are usually more supervised and involve less skilled activities or only certain activities of the profession compared to internships.

Interns are typically at or near the end of their training program. An internship is the “bridge” between the training program and professional life. The intern is supervised, but is expected to engage in the entire range of professional activities that are expected of a professional. The purpose of CODAC’s internship/externship program is to assist students (attending or who have graduated from an accredited educational institution) in completing their internships with ease.
In addition, the program provides a standardized internship practice that meets the Office of Behavioral Health Licensure (OBHL), the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), Department of Labor (DOL) and CODAC guidelines.


There are different types of internships/externships available, depending on your age (you must be 18 years of age to qualify for an administrative, non-treatment providing internship and 21 years of age to qualify for an internship that includes member contact) and the level and type of degree you are working on obtaining or have acquired.
Levels of degrees include: certification programs, associate, bachelor and master degrees and internships/externships are available for both clinically related degrees and administrative related degrees.


For more information on the CODAC internship/externship program including types of internships/externships available, to apply for an internship/externship at CODAC, or just for more information on the program, please contact Marta McKenna, Training and Development Administrator at (520) 202-1818 or at