About Us

It is the Mission of CODAC Behavioral Health Services of Pima County, Inc. to work collaboratively with individuals, families and organizations to eliminate the harmful effects of substance use disorders, mental illness and abuse on their lives and their communities.

In all we do, we will be guided by the following Principles:

  • We will provide high quality, cost effective, outcome focused, and linguistically and culturally relevant services.
  • Our services will be easily accessible, engaging, recovery oriented, family friendly, and respectful of the strengths and assets of the individuals with whom we work and the communities in which we live.
  • We will work in collaboration with funders and other community-based organizations and form mutually rewarding partnerships that build upon organizational capacities and strengths.
  • We will treat our employees and volunteers in a respectful manner that acknowledges them as our most important resource and support them in being the best at their roles in their communities.
  • Our financial, human resources, facilities, information management and quality management services will function in a manner that most effectively supports the delivery of services to consumers and participants, and will lead to ongoing organizational success.
  • We will effectively communicate to the public the health and human service needs that exist in our community and our efforts to address those needs in a manner that attracts donors and other supporters.
  • We will work to end the stigma of substance use disorders and mental illness, and advocate for just public policies that provide appropriate levels of public support to ensure that affordable treatment, health promotion and prevention services are available in a timely manner to all who need them.