Job Description


CODAC’s Health Coach is responsible for a caseload of members and, in collaboration with other staff of the integrated primary care team, helps members meet their preventive, chronic and acute care needs. Health Coaches engage members and encourage them to take an active role in their health by providing them with the tools necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices and adopt lifelong healthy behaviors. The Health Coach's primary responsibilities center on establishing trusting, supportive, collaborative relationships with members and their families. Health Coaches build relationships with members in a clinical setting, working alongside medical providers, other health coaches and a behavioral health professionals in a collaborative, empathetic team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The position is responsible for the following:


  • Establish a rapport with members and families; establish an agenda, and work with the member to ensure a pragmatic care plan is established.
  • Capture relevant information about the member's health and healthcare experience and perform standard age and condition-appropriate screening assessments
  • Take responsibility for (in partnership with providers) for the health of a population of members and monitor and track whether those members are up to date on preventive measures.
  • Learn about the chronic health conditions that span the member population.
  • Provide member education on chronic disease management.
  • Provide anticipatory preventive guidance to families with children.
  • Develop customized plans for individuals and family’s with realistic goals and plans of action.


  • Establish healing relationships with members and families
  • Learn to employ confidence-promoting techniques in member communication and develop member self-efficacy to better manage health
  • Communicate with members in person, by phone and/or email and invite in the physician when necessary.
  • Help members understand their chronic conditions, why they matter, and how they can manage them.
  • Assist members and their families in developing sustainable behaviors for wellness and prevention.
  • Coach members using an action-planning model based on motivational interviewing techniques and individualized plans of action.
  • Collaborate with other team members to facilitate group events and classes for members


  • Assist with the coordination of care across the continuum, such as: scheduling appointments with specialists, coordinating referrals, and sharing or transferring information with the member's internal and external care team
  • Present on areas of interest/expertise in health and wellness to staff and members
  • Contribute to open team forums on problems and process improvements by listening, sharing input and ideas, and enacting decisions and plans.
  • Performs other related duties in accordance with agency growth and changes.

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